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 Writing history in statu nascendi.

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PostSubject: Writing history in statu nascendi.   Mon 05 Mar 2018, 22:42

I wrote on 21 Feb.2018 on Priscilla's thread: Religions-The Benefits:
"I was watching the news and intended to start a thread about the question: How history can be written correctly, if even the history in statu nascendi is that much inlfuenced by political bias and where it isn't even possible to rely on independent sources, while the only sources are mostly the biased ones from inside?".

Here is an exception, although if I recall it well I haven't seen it in BBC world or it has to be that I didn'd watch it one day.
I thought that Bangladesh was a Muslim country, which leaned mostly to the Islam. I have to say that I with this article, was pushed to look better on the internet to Bangladesh:

Zafar Iqbal, a secular writer and scienitst is nearly murdered the day before yesterday by a madrassa student Faizal. It seems that there is still a secular opposition in Bangladesh. I wonder if there is also a separation between Church and State? Have to investigate.

But another story of lacking information, lacking to form a real picture of what happens.
I know that the Rohingas were expelled from Birma, also a case of nationalism mixed with religion, as i see it on the first sight (will investigate too); Budhistic customs in oppposition with Islam, together with nationalism a dangerous mixture. And they are now burning the villages of the Rohingas with the goal to forbid the return of the Rohingas.
I saw in the last days a French documentary about the refugee camps of the Rohingas in Bangladesh near the Birman border.
The army was present, but they did nearly nothing, the whole camp was led by some bearded men and they could freely act among the soldiers of the Bangladesh army. They had seemingly their own sources for food they builded barraks they said to the French reporter that they were looking for schools too, but when the reporter checked, it were  madrassas were only the religion was thought, and were the children, the reporter thought, could be set up against the infidels at the other side of the border.
I have nothing seen of that in the general news. Or is that too much in detail. Although about the atrocities of the Birman side it was constantly in the general news...

Kind regards, Paul.
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Writing history in statu nascendi.

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